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Getting Started Guide

This guide is for new and long-time players to discover all the features available on CatCraft.

Selecting a Realm 🌎

To get started on CatCraft, first select a Realm to play. All the realms are the same, with the only difference being different worlds (overworld, nether and end worlds) and dates to when the Realm opened.

The older the Realm, the easier it is to get started. Since the global market is cheaper, items/blocks and excellent gear can be bought for fewer diamonds. However, the newest Realm is also a good choice if you would like to be playing at the same pace as everyone else. It's entirely up to you to decide which Realm to play. All Realms are an excellent choice.

Starting your Adventure πŸͺ΅

After entering your Realm of choice, you'll find yourself at spawn. If you go straight ahead, you'll see the wilderness portal. Travel through this portal to teleport to the main overworld. You can also type the command /wild and select the overworld option on the left to teleport to the main overworld.

On CatCraft, we have two overworlds. The main overworld (never resets) is where everyone builds their bases, farms, and anything they wouldn't want reset. The second overworld is called the Resource world and is primarily used to collect resources because the world regularly resets every two months.

TIP: Both overworlds work in opposite timezones, so during the day in the main overworld, you could build, and when it's night, you can travel to the resource world, where it will be the day to continue collecting resources without worrying about hostile mobs.

Surviving ❀️

After you've teleported to the main overworld, it's entirely up to you how you play survival. We recommend you collect wood, upgrade to iron tools and build a tiny house to stay in until you are ready to start exploring temporarily.

TIP: Chopping the bottom log of a tree lets you instantly chop the entire tree at once. TIP: Sneaking while mining ores lets you instantly mine the whole ore vein!

Claiming πŸ—οΈ

After building your first house, you must claim your land to prevent other players from building or stealing things from your base (which isn't allowed on the server). To claim your land, follow our claiming guide, which can be found here.

Setting a home 🏠

To instantly teleport to your home, you can set two homes (by default) and one bed home. Setting a home allows you to return to your base without the need of travelling. Set a home using the command /sethome [Homename] For example, to set a home called base, use the command /sethome base Then to teleport to your base, type /home base

Died? Return to your last location. Use the command /back to return to your last location just before you died.

Get free rewards ✨

Vote for the server daily to receive the maximum vote crate key rewards, a chance to win at the monthly top voters' leaderboard and instant access to the pinata event at spawn. To vote for the server, click on the links provided in and enter your player IGN on the websites.

Note: You'll need to enter an underscore before your name if you're on bedrock edition. Additionally, some vote sites only support java edition users.

Once you've voted, keep an eye for when the next pinata party will begin by seeing how many more votes are required to start. When the server reaches 150 votes, a pinata party will start at spawn, where you can hit the pinata to win free rewards, as well as a super reward at the end. The super reward includes many rare items and a very high chance to win a dragon crate key.

Voting is highly recommended on CatCraft for the various rewards and benefits it provides! Vote for us here

Mining ⛏️

There are effectively two ways to mine for resources in the beginning stages. The easiest way to gain lots of common ores is to mine in the Cat Canyon Mines. This mine is filled with coal, iron, gold and some diamonds! It's a great starting point to get as many common ores in the shortest time possible. To travel to the Cat Canyon Mines, type the command /mines

Intermediate steps πŸͺœ

Once you've found a base, collected lots of resources, and upgraded to diamond tools, we recommend you check out the market to see what cheap offers you could pick up. The economy on CatCraft is entirely based on player-to-player trade, with the currency being in diamonds. To travel to the market, type the command /market. Enter any shop and check out the chestshops to see if you can find any good deals. If there is an item you would like to buy, right-click the sign of the chestshop to buy the item using the diamonds in your inventory.

Diamond riches πŸ’Ž

After a few weeks grinding away, building your base, creating a few farms, and lots of mining, you've collected enough resources for yourself and have an excess of resources. We also assume you've collected at least 40 diamonds and are ready to transition to the get rich phase. One of the easiest and best ways to get rich on CatCraft is opening a shop and selling resources. This is because you can sell your resources in your shop, and when you're offline, players may buy items in your shop, allowing you to earn diamonds passively. Everyone can own one shop anywhere in the market for 40 diamonds. To buy a shop and learn more, check out our guide here.

Jobs πŸ“Œ

Keep an eye out for open jobs. To see the global job board, type /jobs and select the international job board to see all available jobs. If there are no good jobs at the time, check back later.

Clans 🏘️

At this point, we assume you've regularly played for at least a month and are grinding away to gain as many diamonds as possible while you develop your base and expand your territory. You may have found a few friends and are looking to create a way to communicate with your peers more easily. It's time you join or create a clan. Clans are a way to communicate with peers through a private clan chat.

PvP πŸ”₯

Do you love PVP? Jump into the PvP arena to fight other players in a safe, controlled environment without worrying about losing your items. To PvP, type the command /pvp

End-Game βœ…

You've made it! While there is no end in Minecraft, on CatCraft, we included a few neat additions to give end-game users something to grind extra hard for! Here are a few adventures to consider for your journey.

Collecting Cat Crate keys πŸ—οΈ

Difficulty: Medium

Go on a big mining expedition and mass-collect emeralds, diamonds and gold ore to increase your odds of obtaining a cat crate key.

Pets 🐾

Difficulty: Hard

Purchase pets using diamond blocks with /petshop Pets are a purely cosmetic feature and are great if you're looking to show off a cute companion that follows you around.

Slay the enderdragon πŸ”š

Difficulty: Extreme

Slay the enderdragon a ton of times to gain a small chance to drop a dragon crate key. The odds of the key dropping is ultra-rare, so we only recommend this task for those with full catgod, or it will be too difficult and not worth the effort.

CatGods πŸ†

Difficulty: Ultra Hard

This achievement is near impossible to complete, and only very few players on the server have completed it on Blue Realm. Collect all the CatGod pieces and showcase them in your trophy room.

Start a New Adventure πŸ”ƒ

If you're looking to redo the entire journey from scratch, consider joining one of the other realms. Starting fresh is a great way to make new friends and bring your experience to kickstart your survival gameplay. Your gameplay on the other Realm won't reset or be affected in any form. However, make sure to log in every 30 days to prevent your shop from resetting!