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Valentines Day.jpg


The Catcraft Valentine’s event was the first official Valentine’s that the server celebrated. The event took place mid-February 2021. It featured many custom Valentine's commands, as well as a special crate for the event.


♥ /valentine help → Lists all commands.

♥ /valentine → Returns your Valentine.

♥ /valentine [player] → Returns the player's Valentine.

♥ /valentine ask [player] → Requests a player to be their Valentine.

♥ /valentine accept [player] → Accepts a player's request.

♥ /valentine deny [player] → Denies a player's request.

♥ /valentine remove → Removes your Valentine.

♥ /valentine list → Returns all Valentines on the server.

♥ /valentine requests → Returns all pending requests.

Valentines Crate 2021

Valentines crate.png