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Universal Cross Play Guide

CatCraft is a Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition server that aims to expand and enhance vanilla survival gameplay.

We support universal crossplay, allowing both Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft to join the Network. This means you can play with friends and family on different platforms in the same realm!

Some players like to have two accounts, one for playing CatCraft and the other for AFK'ing at their farm. You can connect both accounts (using Global Sync) so that when you are playing Minecraft on your home computer and then going somewhere with your phone, you can continue from where you left off! This makes playing on CatCraft super convenient and easy!

Global Syncing

Global syncing allows a Java account to sync its in-game progress (including rank, claims, inventory, etc.) to a Bedrock account to offer universal cross-platform gameplay experience. If you would like your Java and Bedrock accounts to share the same progress as your Java account, please follow the steps below:


  1. Join the server [] with port 19132 on your Bedrock Account.
  2. Run the command /linkaccount to obtain a unique code. Remember this code.
  3. Log off the server, and rejoin the same server IP: on your Java Edition account this time.
  4. Then run /linkaccount {code} replacing the code placeholder with the unique number from previously.
  5. Wait a minute or two for the changes to complete. Now join the CatCraft server on your bedrock account, and everything should be synced with your Java Edition account's progress!

Note: To unlink your account, type the command /unlinkaccount

If you encounter any issues or require further support, feel free to open a support ticket on our discord server