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We may communicate with you via email or discord support tickets. In the event you would like to contact CatCraft​, please use the appropriate contacts below.

Questions & Community Support ❔

Please ask in #staff-help channel on the discord server.

Purchase Support

Select Purchase Support 🛒 when creating a ticket on the discord server.

Or email

Reporting Bugs

Select Reporting Bugs 👾 when creating a ticket on the discord server. 📧

Senior Staff Email Contacts

Contact the email addresses below.

📧 DarkChroma | Owner

📧 LogicalSpirit | Developer

📧 Dare Run | Admin

📧 Birkirr | Admin

📧 Icewolf | Admin

Other Inquiries

Please email

Frequently asked questions

How do I open a support ticket

To create a support ticket, join our discord server and click on the 'Create a ticket' button in the #support channel and complete the steps provided by our bot.

I voted but didn't get any rewards!

The majority of vote sites only let users vote once per day, so if your vote rewards did not arrive within a minute since voting, please follow the steps provided below on whether you can vote the following day or any vote sites that you have not tested yet.

1. Are you on Java or Bedrock edition?

If you're on Bedrock edition, please make sure to add an underscore in front of your player username and any spaces.

If your bedrock username were happy cat, you would enter _happy_cat on the voting site. Or, if your username were catlover you would enter _catlover on the voting site.

2. Did all the vote sites not work, or did only some of the vote sites work?

If only some vote sites worked, please skip to 4; otherwise, try voting on a different device at home. For example, if you tried voting on your phone, see whether voting on the desktop would work.

3. Are there other members in the household that play on the server and have voted?

Most vote websites only let one vote per IP work to prevent vote spam. Unfortunately, if this is the case, only one member within the household can vote per day.

4. Have you waited at least 24 hours before voting again? What error message did you receive from the voting site after trying to vote?

If you're still unable to find a solution, please create a ticket on the discord server, along with screenshots of the error and a staff member will look into your issue.

I'm banned, how can I submit an appeal?

A ban appeal can be submitted if you believe you were unfairly banned. Submit a ban appeal here:

How do I report a staff member?

Contact us at

How do I report a player?

Report players on the server for breaking the server rules, by creating a support ticket on our discord server.

If you were griefed, please ensure to claim all your land especially containers, e.g. chests, shulkers, hoppers etc. Then create a support ticket on our discord server.

How do I get a server rank?

Server ranks can only be brought on the official Catcraft store ( Packages on the server store can also be gifted by selecting the gift icon during checkout.