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We reserve the right to modify these rules and guidelines at the staff's discretion, even without direct prompting of such. These rules and guidelines, as well as any modifications, are effective immediately upon the public posting of them. It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with these modifications as the time arises, and by participating here on Catcraft, you agree to understanding, acknowledging, and conforming to the rules/guidelines outlined below.

Discord Server Rules


All modifications are used at your own risk. For more information, refer to the allowed modifications page.

The following modifications are allowed:

  • Client side performance improvement mods (i.e. Optifine).
  • Aesthetic modifications (e.g Shaders mods).
  • Armor and effect status hud mods.
  • Brightness and gamma adjustment mods.


  • Cheating and using any form of a hacked client is strictly not allowed.
  • AFK mining, grinding or other automatic cheats are not allowed.
  • Autoclickers and macros are not allowed.


XRAY is strictly not allowed - this includes any xray-related resource packs. We take Xray extremely seriously and use an advanced detection plugin to distinguish any form of xray, as well as standard manual checks.

  • Using clay patches or the lapis trick to find diamonds is not allowed.

Hatred and Discrimination

  • Calling anyone in reference to hateful or discriminatory ideas, symbols, movements, stereotypes or groups is strictly not allowed.


  • Any threats towards other players on the server or the server itself will result in an ip ban. This includes releasing personal information of other players on to the network.


  • Any form of exploiting, glitches and/or duplication will result in a permanent ban. If you notice bugs or exploits on the server, contact staff through a ticket at #staff-help (on the discord server) or by emailing to us at or the developer at


  • Any form of stealing, looting and/or griefing any player-made structures is not allowed. This includes claimed or un-claimed land.
  • Do not claim land near other players bases, farms and/or structures. Claims must be within 100 blocks from another players claim.
  • Any form of tp-killing and trapping is not allowed.

Chat Rules

Chat rules typically have a 3-warning system (Warning -> Mute -> Temp-ban). However, each scenario may differ depending on the circumstances of what the player said.

  • Swearing/Profanity is not allowed in global chat.
  • To bypass the chat filter when speaking in clan chat, use the command /c <message>
  • Attempting to bypass the chat filter in global chat intentionally is punishable.
  • Any form of spamming, character spam and over use of caps on purpose, will result in a warning, mute then temporarily ban.
  • All names (including nicknames, clan names and item names), must be appropriate. Any nicknames that include any discriminatory words, phrases, sexual innuendos, racism, hatred towards other players, is not allowed.
  • Nicknames must also not impersonate any staff member.
  • Being homophobic or disrespectful is not allowed.
  • Spamming items (with [item] in chat) to annoy others, is not allowed.
  • Speak English only in chat please. You are more than welcome to speak in other languages, between your own private clan chat.
  • Joking about, or encouraging players to break the server rules is not allowed.
  • No politics.
  • No mentioning of drugs in any shape or form.
  • Any form of twisting words, bickering and drama is not allowed. If a staff member tells you to stop, you must end the conversation.
  • Do not talk about other players ban's in minecraft or discord chat.

Chat Applications

  • Apps such as MineChat, may be used primarily for talking in chat. You must be at spawn when using minechat. Using minechat to afk at farms, or increase your playtime is not allowed.

Mob-Farms and AFK

  • Automated mob farms are allowed. However, your mob farm must not use entity cramming methods as a killing method. Furthermore, afking by a mob-farm that does not use a fully automatic killing system, is not allowed.
  • Chunks that are causing significant lag due to entity counts, redstone contraptions and/or mobs may be subject to modification or partial removal.
  • Intentionally creating lag causing machines is strictly not allowed.
  • Redstone clocks must not be left running all the time. All redstone circuits must have an off-switch.
  • Villagers can not be trapped in 1x1 holes, as they contribute up to 10 times more lag than a normal villager. The minimum space should be at least 2x1 (recommended 2x2).
  • Chunk loaders are not allowed.
  • 64 hoppers per chunk.
  • 128 redstone dust per chunk.
  • 64 redstone repeaters per chunk.
  • 64 pistons per chunk.
  • 64 observers per chunk.
  • 3 axolotls per pond.

Alt Accounts

  • An alt account may provide unfair advantages over other players due to more claiming blocks, more votes, crate keys, etc. For this reason, having alt accounts is not allowed.
  • Previously we had a rule against players using alt accounts; however, we have decided to remove this rule and allow players to use alts on CatCraft. There are no restrictions on the number of alt accounts you choose to use; however, if you are banned and attempt to evade the ban by using an alt account, this would result in an IP ban.


  • Ban evading is strictly not allowed. Attempting to ban evade would result in a significantly more severe punishment. It is more beneficial to appeal your ban.
  • Do not message staff through discord on anything related to do with your ban appeal. Ban appeals will be looked into applications submitted through


  • You are more than welcome to advertise streams/recordings about catcraft. Any other form of advertising other servers, websites, is not allowed.


  • Banks and other systems involving storing anything for other players is not allowed.
  • Diamonds are the only accepted currency for market chest-shops.
  • Lowballing a player is not allowed.
  • Scamming is not allowed.


  • Do not build inappropriate builds that evoke racism, discrimination, pornography, gore etc.
  • Do not build within 100 blocks from another players claimed land.
  • Do not claim builds that were not built by you, unless a staff member has explicitly given you permission.


  • Do not share your account with other players, or use someone else's account.
  • Do not spawn-kill and/or repeatedly kill the same player.
  • Both parties must agree to a pvp duel in the overworld, nether, resource and end world. PvP in the catcraft arena (/pvp) is free-for-all.
  • Keep Inventory is turned on in the catcraft pvp arena (/pvp).