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File:Catcraft pirate island.jpg


The Catcraft Pirate Island Adventure Event was a game hosted from mid-January to March 2021. It featured a new game in /games, as well as a brand new pirate island. The event’s goal was to find all 30 ghost skulls scattered across 6 locations on the island.

Island Locations

☠ The Tribal Village → Explore the tribal huts and search for five hidden skulls.

☠ Ocean Oak Tree → Climb to the top and claim all 5 ghost skulls hidden on the branches of the tree.

☠ Osiris's Chambers → Complete the maze to claim 5 ghost skulls at the end.

☠ Forest → Find four dragon skeleton remains to claim 4 ghost skulls. The final skull is hidden at the peak of the Aztec Pyramid.

☠ Aztec Pyramid (+ Magma Falls) → Located in the center of the forest, enter the labyrinth and complete it to proceed to the Magma Falls parkour section. 5 Ghost skulls can be found in the Magma Falls parkour section. There are no skulls inside the labyrinth.

☠ The Lost Tomb → Find all 5 Ghost skulls in the tomb. Two are inside the entrance; the remaining three are behind the netherite blocked door. Unlock the tomb's secrets by completing the puzzle.


Completing all the challenges and collecting all 30 skulls was rewarded with 3 Pirate Crate Keys.

File:Pirate crate.png