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Mining on Catcraft

Catcraft offers an enhanced vanilla Minecraft experience, with the addition of veinminer, the Cat Canyon Mines, and rare cat crate keys. These features make mining in Minecraft more exciting and efficient! With veinminer, you can hold sneak while mining coal, iron, gold, lapis, redstone, and nether gold to instantly mine the entire vein. You can also hold sneak while using a shovel to instantly mine gravel and clay, and use shears to instantly mine tree leaves. Lastly, you can toggle the ability to instantly chop tree logs with an axe using the command '/treechop'. Try it out for a unique and improved Minecraft experience!

Diamond pickaxe.png
Veinminer Commands
/veinminer mode sneak veinmine only while sneaking. Note it's on by defualt.
/veinminer mode stand veinmine only while standing.
/veinminer mode always veinmine while standing or sneaking.
/veinminer mode none turns veinnminer off.
/veinminer toggle hoe toggle on/off veinmining with a hoe.
/veinminer toggle shears toggle on/off veinmining with shears.
/veinminer toggle shovel toggle on/off veinmining with a shovel.
/veinminer toggle pickaxe toggle on/off veinmining with a pickaxe.
/veinminer toggle axe toggle on/off veinmining with an axe.

Instant Tree Chopping

Cutting down trees doesn't have to be a tedious process! With Instant Tree Chopping, you can reduce the time it takes to collect tree logs. By cutting leaves during the chopping process, you'll be able to harvest more logs with fewer durability points. This makes gathering tree logs much faster and more efficient!

Diamond axe.png

Cat Canyon Mines

The Cat Canyon Mines is a magical treasure trove of precious gems! Every twenty minutes, fresh ores appear, making it an ideal destination for dedicated miners. Unearth emeralds, diamonds, iron, gold, and coal - an endless source of riches!

Cat canyon mines2.jpeg

Cat Crate Keys

Cat crate keys can be discovered in emerald ore, diamond ore and gold ore (including deepslate variants). The chances of finding a cat crate key are extremely slim; however, if you are a dedicated miner with a decent pickaxe, finding them is not exceedingly rare.

Please note that using any form of Xray is strictly prohibited. We have a variety of anti-Xray measures in place to detect those who try to use this kind of modification. Due to the importance of diamonds to the server economy, punishments for Xray are severe.

Wiki ores.png

Silk Spawners

All naturally generated spawners from mob-dungeons can be mined using a diamond or netherite pickaxe, enchanted with silk touch. However, member ranks are only able to mine and collect zombie spawners. Experience does not drop from spawners.

  • Cat rank can mine zombie spawners.
  • Leopard and Cheetah ranks can mine zombie and spider spawners.
  • Jaguar rank can mine zombie, spider, cave spider, and skeleton spawners.
  • Tiger and Lion ranks can mine zombie, spider, cave spider, skeleton, magmacube, and blaze spawners.

Spawner with fire.png