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Mining on Catcraft

Catcraft features an improved vanilla Minecraft experience, with the additions of veinminer, the Cat Canyon Mines, and rare cat crate keys. These additions make vanilla Minecraft mining much more enjoyable and time-efficient.

  • Holding sneak while mining coal, iron, gold, lapis, redstone and nether gold allows the whole connecting vein of ores to be mined, all at once.
  • Gravel and clay can be instantly mined by holding sneak while using a shovel.
  • Tree leaves can also be instantly mined by holding sneak while using a pair of shears.
  • Axes instantly chop tree logs. This can be toggled by executing the command /treechop
Diamond pickaxe.png

Instant Tree Chopping

Sometimes the durability from chopping tree logs may be more than normal. This is because the axe sometimes cuts leaves during the process, causing more durability points then usual. The benefit is, tree chopping is significantly faster.

Diamond axe.png

Cat Canyon Mines

The Cat Canyon Mines is a magical mine that replenishes with fresh ores every twenty minutes. This is a special place for dedicated miners to collect ingots all-day long. The mine contains emeralds, diamonds, iron, gold, and coal. Cat crate keys can not be found in the cat canyon mines.

Cat canyon mines2.jpeg

Cat Crate Keys

Cat crate keys can be discovered in emerald ore, diamond ore and gold ore. The chances of finding a cat crate key are extremely slim; however, if you are a dedicated miner with a decent pickaxe, finding them is not exceedingly rare. Using any form of Xray is strictly not allowed. We have potent anti-Xray additions on the server to automatically detect disallowed modifications. The punishments for Xray are significant due to the server economy revolving around diamonds. Cat crate keys can alternatively be purchased from the server store to contribute towards paying for the server's running costs.

Wiki ores.png

Silk Spawners

All naturally generated spawners from mob-dungeons can be mined using a diamond or netherite pickaxe, enchanted with silk touch. However, member ranks are only able to mine and collect zombie spawners. Experience does not drop from spawners.

  • Member rank can mine zombie spawners.
  • Leopard and Cheetah ranks can mine zombie and spider spawners.
  • Jaguar rank can mine zombie, spider, cave spider, and skeleton spawners.
  • Tiger and Lion ranks can mine zombie, spider, cave spider, skeleton, magmacube, and blaze spawners.

Spawner with fire.png