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Welcome to the Official Catcraft Wiki

Here you'll find all relevant topics associated with everything on catcraft. This wiki is an area for players to examine the history, seasonal events, server features, unique items, and other significant material on catcraft. We hope that this wiki is the foundation for the longer-term legacy of catcraft.

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Server Features

Getting Started



Player-trading Market

Land Claiming & World Information

Nickname Gradient Customizer

CatCraft Exclusive

CatGod Legendary Items

Seasonal Events

Survival Features




About Us

Catcraft is a survival Minecraft server, founded on the 1st April 2020. The server features semi-vanilla survival gameplay, with a few simple additions to improve the vanilla experience. These include instant ore vein mining, instant tree chopping, grief protection/land claiming and a full-fledged biome selector. The main Overworld on all the Realms never reset, to preserve the history of our players experience for the many years to come.

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