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File:Halloween castle 2021.png


The Halloween event was a massive adventure map on our Event server that featured many fun puzzles, trick & treating, rooms, haunted houses, scary jump scares, region-specific soundtracks and a free reward claimable on both realms when completed. The event was live throughout October 2021.


Event Floors

To complete the event, all four floors had to be cleared.

Floor one

Dining Hall - Dining can't start without either end of the table being seated! Library - There's something striking about these cursed books here, they seem to match. Fountain - Face the fountain if you seek redemption? That's awfully cryptic. Sewer entrance - Seems like there's a trail of blood, wonder where it leads. Plant room - The only room in this house that doesn't reek of death. Kitchen - The meat in here doesn't look right...

Floor two

Living room, fireplace - Looks like there are hinges on the fireplace, wonder how to open it. Storage closet - Pretty dusty in here. Ballroom - Left, up, right, back, right, up, right. Piano room - Being a talented musician opens many doors in life, can't hurt to give it a try! Bedroom - Mother always told us to never jump on the bed. Bathroom - The mirror reveals what your eye's can't see on their own.

Floor three

Mannequin room - The skull at the end of this hall looks very grabbable... cough cough. Clock room - Make sure you're not walking over the hint in this room! Theatre - There must be a way to open these curtains. Maybe once the play starts. Sleeping Doll - Whatever ungodly thing is in that bed, better not wake it up. Time to tiptoe!

Floor four

Spider Attic - Spiders don't eat people. Right?


Completing the Halloween event granted free Halloween themed rewards on both Blue and Red Realm.

Halloween Crate

File:Halloween display.png

Pumpkin Blade: Hey if it ever breaks during battle, maybe you could throw it in the oven for a tasty treat!

Pumpkin Pickaxe: Logic dictates pumpkin should be unable to break stone. Halloween spirit dictates otherwise.

Pumpkin Battle Axe: Do the monster mash to their heads!

Pumpkin Shovel: Perfect for digging graves... Or planting pumpkins!

Pumpkin Helmet: Be weary of putting this on, you might not be able to pluck it off! Seems like enderman hate it for some reason.

Pumpkin Chestplate: Smells like burnt pumpkin pie! Appears to be pretty tough though.

Pumpkin Leggings: Forged with pockets deep enough to hold all the candies!

Pumpkin Boots: A light pair of boots perfect for running from house to house.

Soul Stealer Scythe: May or may not be guaranteed to reap the souls of your enemies. Either way, it makes for quite an intimidating walking stick.

Pumpkin Bow: Stealing souls has never been so easy! Just don’t let your buddies call you out on your camping, though.

Witch's Broomstick (Trident): Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a cat on the back.

Halloween Build Competition Winners

First Place

🥇 Tiaga_ File:1st place.png

Second Place

🥈_Colejacobs6697/_TickingClock516 File:2nd place.png

Third Place

🥉benedictdaleggy File:3rd place.png