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Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

How do I join the Catcraft Discord Server?

Click on the invitation link below to be directed to our discord server.

Reporting Issues

Bug Reports

If you notice a bug or glitch that requires the immediate attention of senior staff, please contact us at or by using the command /report bug on the CatCraft Minecraft Server.

Purchase Support

If you have any purchase related queries, please do not hesitate to contact support at

General Questions

If you have any minor issues or concerns, feel free to let any active staff member on the server know, or contact us by creating a ticket a #staff-help

Player Reports

If you notice a player breaking the server rules, please contact staff by creating a ticket at #staff-help on our discord server or using the command /report on the CatCraft Minecraft Server.

Ban Appeals

All ban appeals may be made here

Staff Email Contacts

Dare_Run for inquiries relating to the Minecraft and/or discord server.

LogicalSpirit for questions relating to bugs and major concerns on the server.

Minecraft FAQ

What is the server ip?

How do I get more claim blocks?

All players receive 100 claiming blocks per hour of active playing on the server. More claim blocks can also be bought from the server store.

I forgot to /sethome my house!

If you had claimed the land around your house, you may do /claimlist to see the coordinates of your house. If you forgot to claim your land, you may create a ticket at #staff-help on the discord server, and a staff member will do their best to find your home.

How do I remove a sethome?

Type /delhome (home) to remove a home that you previously set.

Am I allowed to loot/grief if the place is unclaimed?

No. Any form of griefing/looting/stealing is against the server rules. Abandoned claims may only be removed by staff. Contact staff if you have any questions in the channel #staff-help on discord.

I have not received my discord ranks role yet

Use the command /link on the minecraft server, and copy the code provided in-game and paste in the #bot-spam discord channel to sync your in-game roles with discord.

Are there custom enchantments on the server?

No, there are no custom enchantments.

Can you mine spawners?

Yes. All players are able to mine zombie spawners. All vanilla spawners, except for silverfish, can be mined. Please see the server ranks on the store, for more information regarding spawners depending on server rank.

How do I create a clan?

For a list of commands available for clans, type /clan in-game. Check out the server features section to learn more about clans on catcraft.

How do I get a server rank?

Server ranks can only be brought on the official Catcraft store (

How do I report a grief?

To report a grief on the Minecraft server, create a support ticket on the discord server, under the #staff-help category, by typing -new

How do I report a player?

To report a player on the Minecraft server for breaking the server rules, type the command

/report player <playerIGN> <Reason>

/report bug <Bug description.>