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Tips & Tricks

  • Mine ore veins instantly by holding sneak when mining.
  • Use an axe to instantly chop trees.
  • Deposit diamonds into your diamond bank balance, to purchase your market stall. This can be easily done at the market.
  • All players receive one-hundred claiming blocks for every active hour playing on the server.
  • Right-click a chest with a sign to protect it from ALL players accessing the contents. This includes protected-chests inside claims with trusted players.

Member Commands

Server Commands
/wiki Link to server wiki.
/website Link to server website.
/discord Invitation link to discord server.
/buy Link to the server store.
/vote Vote for the server, and redeem for rewards.
/rules Read the server rules.
/texturepack Link to the official server texturepack.
Adventure Commands
/warps See all available warps.
/biome Teleport to the overworld-biome selector.
/biomes Open a GUI to select overworld and nether biomes.
/warp netherbiome Teleport to the nether-biome selector.
/sethome [name] Set a home with a specific name.
/delhome [name] Remove one of your homes.
/home [name] Teleport to your homes.
/back Return to your last death-location.
/wild Randomly teleport to somewhere in the overworld.
/mine Mine for ores at the Cat Canyon Mines.
/kit default Receive basic necessities for survival
Veinminer Commands
/veinminer mode sneak veinmine only while sneaking. Note it's on by defualt.
/veinminer mode stand veinmine only while standing.
/veinminer mode always veinmine while standing or sneaking.
/veinminer mode none turns veinnminer off.
/veinminer toggle hoe toggle on/off veinmining with a hoe.
/veinminer toggle shears toggle on/off veinmining with shears.
/veinminer toggle shovel toggle on/off veinmining with a shovel.
/veinminer toggle pickaxe toggle on/off veinmining with a pickaxe.
/veinminer toggle axe toggle on/off veinmining with an axe.
Market Commands
/shopmenu Open your personal market stall menu
/market Teleport to the player-trading market.
/arm tp [shopID] Teleport to someone's shop ID, e.g. /arm tp a1u2
/channel market Talk in dedicated market chat and advertise for more sales.
/group Talk to players that are within 100 blocks from you.
/help cshop Brief guide on how to make your own chest-shops.
/ts help More information on chest-shop commands.
/ts what See the contents of what is being sold in a chest-shop.
/ts setProduct Set a specific item to be sold in your tradeshop. Hold the item while performing this command.
/ts addProduct Add an additional item to be sold in your tradeshop. Hold the item while performing this command.
/ts setCost set the cost of the item you're selling in your tradeshop. Hold the item while performing this command.
/ts addCost Add additional cost in your tradeshop. Hold the item while performing this command.
/ts open/close Change the status of your chestshop from open/close.
/ts addManager [player] Add a player that can fully-access/manage your chestshop.
/ts status Check the stock levels of your chestshops
/balance See your current diamond bank balance.
/heads Explore the 50k+ custom heads available to purchase for in-game diamonds.
/heads search [type] Search for a specific type of custom head.
/shopfinder Find the nearest available to buy, shop stall.
/arm addmember [player] Add a member to your market shop (build perms).
/arm settplocation Change the default teleport location of your shop.
/trade [player] Trade with a player through a secure GUI.
Teleporting Commands
/tpa [player] Request to teleport to a player.
/tpaccept Accept a teleportation request from a player.
/tpaccept * Accepts all pending teleportation requests.
/tpcancel Deny a teleportation request from a player.
/pvp A dedicated PvP arena. Warning: Item drops is enabled.
/games Teleport to the mini-games world, on top of a giant turtle.

Chat Commands
/msg [player] [message] Private message a player.
/reply [message] Reply to a private message from a player.
/warnings Check your personal record.
/mail [player] [message] Mail any online or offline player.
/ignoreplayer [player] Ignore all messages from the player. Run the command again to unignore the player.
/ignoredplayerlist See a list of all actively ignored players.
/notify Toggle whether to receive notifications from players.
/g Return to global chat.
/channel group Join a chat group that is based on players near you (within 300 blocks).
/channel cat Join the cat cafe chat when inside the Cat Café
/togglechat Togglechat to show or not show.
/meow [player] Meow at a player.
/purr [player] Purr at a player.
/realname [nickname] Reveal a players real name, hidden behind a nick.
/helpop [message] Message an active staff member privately.
Clan Commands
/clan See all available commands for clans.
/clan create [ClanName] Create a clan.
/clan info [ClanName] See info about a clan.
/clan rename [ClanName] Rename your clan.
/clan accept [ClanName] Accept a request to join the clan.
/clan deny [ClanName] Deny a request to join the clan.
/c [message] Send a private message to your clan.
/clan chat Toggle between normal chat and private clan chat.
/clan leave Leave your current clan.
/bannermaker Design a custom banner using the interactive GUI.
/clan protection on/off turns pvp on/off for your clan

Land-Claiming Commands
/kit claim Receive the necessary items for claiming land.
/AbandonClaim Abandon your claim.
/trust [player] Trust a player in that specific claim.
/untrust [player] Untrust a player from that specific claim.
/AccessTrust Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
/ContainerTrust Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/TrustList Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.
/SubdivideClaims Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims.
/BasicClaims Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.
/Untrust All Removes all permissions for all players in your claim.
/AbandonAllClaims Deletes all of your claims.
/GivePet [player] Gives away a tamed animal to someone.
/ClaimsList Lists a player's claims and claim block details.
/Trapped Gets a player out of a land claim he's trapped inside.
/UnlockDrops Allows other players to pick up items you dropped when you died.
/banfromclaim [player] Disallow a specific player from entering your claimed land.
/unbanfromclaim [player] Allow a specific player from entering your claimed land again.
/banfromclaimlist See a list of players that are banned from your claims.
/banfromclaimall Ban all players (except trusted users) from your claims.

Special Commands
/catgod Visit the ancient catgod pyramids.
/toppt See the leaderboard of the longest playtimes.
/playtime See your personal playtime and join-date.
/sv top See the top voters of the month.
/sit Sit down.
/lay Lay down on your back.
/crawl Crawl on your stomach.
/blocklocker [line number] [player] Add another player to a protected sign. E.g Right click the sign then do /blockerlocker 3 [player].
/slime Check whether you're standing on a slime chunk or not. /slime is currently disabled.
/mail send [Player] [Message] Send a letter to an online or offline player.
/mail read Opens your mail inbox.
/itembox send [player] Sends the item you're holding to an online or offline player.
/itembox open opens your itembox
/itembox claimall Claims all the items in your itembox. If the amount of items exceeds the space in your inventory the remaining items will drop on the ground.
/itf toggle Toggle the invisibility effect on the item frame you’re looking at.
/itf togglemode Toggle the invisibility effect for all item frames you right-click on.
/itf scan [radius] Briefly scans for item frames near you and applies particles to find them.
/trademark add Adds a trademark to your mapart, making it un-copyable by other players.
/trademark remove Removes the trademark from your mapart.
Bedrock Exclusive Commands
/geyser offhand Puts an item in your offhand.
/geyser statistics View personal in-game statistics
/geyser advancements View personal in-game advancements

Leopard Commands


Leopard Commands
/sethome [name] Ability to set 3 Homes (Default is 2)
/ptime Set your own personal time of day in-game.
/craft Open a personal crafting bench
/redeem Redeem a cat diamond daily.

Cheetah Commands


Cheetah Commands
/sethome [name] Ability to set 5 Homes (Default is 2).
/hat Wear the item in your hand as a helmet (cosmetic feature).
/enderchest or /ec Open your personal enderchest instantly.
/nickname [name] Set your very own nickname for in-game (no color).
/nick off Removes your current nickname.

Jaguar Commands


Jaguar Commands
/sethome [name] Set 12 Homes (Default is 2).
/nickname [name] Set your very own nickname for in-game (color RGB).
/nick off Removes your current nickname and gradient.
/gradients Choose from 50+ pre-made gradients to apply to your name.
/disposal Take out the trash with a portable rubbish bin.
/feed Satisfy your hunger (20 minute cooldown).
/invsort Sorts your inventory.
/chestsort on Sorts your chests.
/chestsort hotkeys Configure chestsort hotkeys.

Tiger Commands


Tiger Commands
/sethome [name] Set 25 Homes (Default is 2).
/feed Satisfy your hunger (no cooldown).
/repair Repair the item in your hand (6 hour cooldown).
/banfromclaimall Ban all players (except trusted users) from your claims.

Lion Commands


Lion Commands
/sethome [name] Set 50 Homes (Default is 2).
/heal Heal yourself (5 minutes cooldown).
/repair all Repair everything in your inventory even if it doesn't have mending (6 hour cooldown).
/nv Toggle night-vision on/off
/return Return to your previous location
/stonecutter Open a virtual stonecutter