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Cat God Legendary Rarities

Influenced by the Cat Gods of the Egyptian pantheon from the period 1070-712 BC, the collection of rarities below pays homage to these figures. The collection consists of twelve unique sets, each corresponding to a different CatGod. The items within each set are designed to embody the unique attributes and essence of their respective CatGod.



Ra, Musa, Zalika, Freyja, Abasi, Anubis, Lotus, Aisha, Sefu, Ammon, Anukis, Osiris, Dragon, Horus, and Bastet.


Ra Egyptian Cat God

Divinity and excellence. With this set of divine tools and armor one possessing them could conquer any nation that the sun graces with its warmth. Imbued with the rays of our star itself, each finely crafted piece will ensure victory above all else, shining bright in the face of any foe who dare try to take the light from you. Embrace the warmth of Ra’s sun and bathe in the cleansed blood of whoever is most unfortunate to be on the wrong side of history.


Musa Egyptian Cat God

Flow and Persistence. Dawning the garments or wielding the tools crafted by the powerful Cat God of water, Musa will be the first fateful step you take in defeating any enemy who dares trifle with the roaring tide that is your destiny. With each crashing blow you deliver, any foe no matter the size will erode away and sink to the bottom underneath thine foot. Stand proud with your holy trident, knowing that you will inevitably swim to the top of the world and claim it as your own.


Zalika Egyptian Cat God

Virtue and Prowess. Within this exemplary set of Zalika’s finest armor and tools of war, any cretin that stands against your path and threatens to take what you hold closest to your heart will be met with a staggering defeat. Unmatched in the ways of combat, any warriors serving under the all mighty name of Zalika will excel in any and all circumstances thrown at them. No matter the cost. You will prevail and send any foes on a journey to find out what happens after death


Freyja’s Charriot Cat God

Patience and Execution. The cat god Frejya who lived and breathed the hunt, crafted an immaculate set of tools that will ensure precision and speed while you acquire what is truly yours, chasing the kill as a cheetah would hunt the gazelle. With each placed shot, Frejya will guide thine arrow to its mark no matter the impossibility. Ensuring you know the true thrill of the hunt during every battle, with each blow leading to the magnum opus that is your final kill shot. Strike when the time is right and any battle be yours before it’s even started.


Abasi Cat God

Cultivation and Culling. As long as the sun rises and the ground continues to provide fertility to all that inhabit the lands, you will prevail as the one above all. Growing into the finest warrior the world shall ever know whilst wielding the tools Abasi has imbued to you. Sow the seeds of death in every opponent you face and reap the rewards of their corpse as their blood fuels the ground for more growth. Rise above all others and show them that they will all reap what they sow.


Anubis Cat God

Protection and Calamity. Any persons who dawn the garments or sway the tools of Anubis will inevitably be the ones who help the poor damned souls of this bitter land to cross over into the afterlife, where they will surely spend the rest of their days. Each soul who regrettably stands in the way of those who follow Anubis will be met with a swift death. Conquer all and send off those poor souls to where they rightfully belong.


Lotus Cat God

Creation and Serenity. With each passing breath and sway of thine tools, any person dawning the garments of the Lotus will certainly rise to the occasion and surpass all expectations. Blossom into the finest warrior this world has ever seen, knowing that you will continue to thrive as long as there is water to drink and the sun to bask in. Revel in your victories as each battle will only continue your growth.


Aisha Cat God

Tenacity and Growth. With this set of earthly armor and weapons from the Cat God Aisha, know that in every battle no matter the odds you will stand tall in the face of your foe and spit on the dirt in which he stands. Brace for their blows and hold unwavering with each strike only chipping away at the bark that shall regrow. Inevitably you shall prevail. In their last dying breaths all they will know is that you are the victor, and you are eternal.


Sefu Cat God

Corruption and Domination. A simple promise. Within wielding these unholy relics of a lost past you will strike with a force harder and faster than any challenger no matter their prowess. Torment your foes with the raw strength of your glory and step over their corpses as you press on, indomitable. Demoralize and break the spirits of any who dare stand in the way of your almighty journey. Let the almighty Sefu purge this word using you as their unconquerable weapon.


Ammon Cat God

Radiant and Agile. Let the warm winds of Ammon lift you up and push you further down your story of success and triumph. Blow past your challengers with this gleaming set, combining the power of both the wind and the sun to enrich your strength and give thine user a bright and immaculate victory in any battle they may partake in. Keep your feet nimble and your head held high knowing that the gifts of Ammon will lead to nothing but stunningly bright victories.


Anukis Cat God

Preservation and Bravery. In using these mighty tools molded by the Cat God Anukis you will show unmatched courage and desire for victory in any challenge that befalls you. You shall prove your self time and time again, forging a mighty history for the people of this land to look back on after your passing. With one hand you shall give, providing protection and hope for those who need it. In the other you shall take, choosing when one most unfortunate soul will pass on to the afterlife if they ever wish to harm the ones who follow Anukis. Stay true to your word and Anukis is bound to stay true to you.


Osiris Cat God

Everlasting Judgment. Cast thine net wide and reel in the souls of foes who wish to challenge your rule over the land you claim as yours in the name of Osiris, ruler of the dead. With these tools you shall be the executioner who reels in new citizens to Osiris’ realm. In turn you are promised absolute victory in battle as long as the other end of your blade strikes true with a soul worth the taking. Stare at the face of death before you and laugh, knowing full well that death, is the reason you are strong.


Dragon Set

Ebony scales and curdled blood from the mythical dragons are what comprise these mighty tools crafted from a blacksmith that’s more fairy tale than fact. Legend tells of ancient times when the scaled beasts ruled over the land long before us humans. Soaring magnificently through the rich skies like a bat soaring through the night, claiming each mountain top and breathing a roaring flame into the air to stake their claim. All we have left of the majestic and ancient beasts are their remnants scattered sparsely through our lands. Each fossil uncovered holds within it potential for greatness, power beyond reckoning. Crafted from said remains, this mighty and awe inspiring set of tools will accomplish any task that would so unfortunately be placed before their sharp and refined edges. Conquer each mountain top and hold your head high, prove to everyone that with these crafted remains, you are King.


Horus Set

Sovereignty and Vision. High above the mortal realms, under the endless expanse of the azure sky, Horus, reigns with an eye that sees all. To embrace Horus' celestial might is to ascend beyond the bounds of earthly limitations, soaring high with the regal majesty of the falcon. His chosen are imbued with an unerring sense of justice and clarity, their spirits alight with the divine authority of the sky deity. With the grace of the falcon, your movements embody the perfect balance of elegance and power. The sky itself responds to your command, winds aiding your ascent as you survey the world from a vantage point only the gods know. Your vision pierces through deceit and darkness, revealing truths hidden from mortal eyes. In the heat of conflict, your approach is as the falcon’s swoop - swift, decisive, and unerringly accurate. Enemies tremble not only at your physical prowess but at the realization of facing Horus' living embodiment. Each strike resonates with the authority of the falcon god, a force of nature that delivers justice with a precision that is both awe-inspiring and terrifying. Embody the spirit of Horus, for you are the guardian of the skies and the arbiter of justice. With every enemy vanquished and every challenge overcome, you reaffirm Horus' eternal vigil over the realms of earth and sky, a testament to the unyielding power of divine authority.

Bastet Set

Whispers and Shadows. In the deep embrace of the night, under the silver glow of the moon, Bastet, the Egyptian Cat Goddess, commands the unseen and the mystical. To wear the sacred sets of Bastet is to become one with the shadow, ruling the night with a gaze that pierces through the veil of darkness and the shroud of fear. In your hands, her sacred artifacts become extensions of her will, instruments of divine retribution and guardianship. With Bastet's might at your command, enemies falter not just under the weight of your physical prowess but crumble beneath the intensity of your mystical aura. Each strike you deliver resonates with the silent roar of the great lioness. Stand strong, for with Bastet’s blessing, you are the guardian of the hidden realms, the sentinel in the shadows, embodying the spirit of the night – where all fear to tread, yet all marvel at its profound and unfathomable beauty.

How to Find

  • All CatGod items can be redeemed in the mysterious pyramids at /catgod . In order to obtain a CatGod Rarity, first, you must bring a CatGod key and redeem it in the crate that is located in the hollow remains of the dragon. (same location). Collecting all the cat god rarities is typically an end-game phase on catcraft.
  • CatGod keys can also be purchased from the server store.
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  • Awe-inspiring credits to Scooberty, for writing the creative summaries for all the Cat Gods.